The Humanities Sciences Center (CCH) was created in the context of the founding of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO) in 1979, as a result of the reunion of isolated public higher education institutions operating in the Rio de Janeiro city, former capital of the Republic, since the beginning of the twentieth century, having inherited courses that have become reference of quality, tradition and innovation in their areas. UNIRIO is one of the four federal public universities in the metropolitan area of the Rio de Janeiro city.

In this context, the CCH-UNIRIO stands out for have been composed of several undergraduate courses that founded study fields in Brazil and became a reference for studies about memory, museums, and cultural heritage, such as the Archival, Librarianship, Museology Schools, besides the courses of Education, History, Tourism, Philosophy, and Social Work. CCH has also pioneering graduate programs in Social Memory, Museology and Heritage, and History.

The Graduate Program in History (PPGH), to which the team of this project is integrated, has three lines of research: Heritage, History Teaching, and Historiography; Culture, Power and Representations; Power and Sciences Institutions, which support the development of interdisciplinary investigations, linked to the history of sciences, history theory and historiography, and analysis of historical narratives expressed in different languages and supports, in dialogues with different areas of knowledge, which evidences its innovative character in the History field in Brazil.

The PPGH is an emerging program, with 10 years of experience that has a experienced teaching staff, with a substantive production and several projects funded by Brazilian institutions of research promotion (Faperj, CNPq, Capes), as well as international agreements with research and education institutions, such as University of Michigan, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon – Sorbonne (Anthropologie ET Histoire dês Mondes Antiques – ANHIMA), Universidade de Bolonha and scientific societies, such as American Society of History of Science, International Network for Theory of History, American Society for Legal History, amongst others.

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