The Museum of Warsaw (opened in 1936 in Warsaw’s Old Town; known as the Historical Museum of the City of Warsaw until 2014). Having been destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt between 1948 and 1954. Today, the museum operates through six branches with its main exhibition occupying several historic houses in the Old Town Market Square. A project called OdNowa, which included the modernization, preservation, and digitalization of the museum’s historical objects, culminated in the opening of the main permanent exhibition between May 2017 and June 2018. All 300,000 items stored in the collection of the Museum of Warsaw have been carefully reviewed and 7,352 of them were selected to be exhibited. Among them there are both works of art and objects of everyday use. The new core exhibition three parts (The Things of Warsaw, The Warsaw Data, and The History of Tenement Houses) comprise twenty one thematic rooms that showcase witnesses and participants of the town’s history. The Things of Warsaw are a starting point for telling the stories of their owners and creators, as well as for presenting the events and processes that formed Warsaw as we know it today.

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