The Shanghai History Museum (SHM) /Shanghai Revolution Museum (SRHM) (Shanghai Lishi Bowuguan/Shanghai Geming Lishi Bowuguan上海历史博物馆/上海革命历史博物馆) opened in 2018 in the premises of the ex-Race Club, a neoclassical colonial building placed at the very centre of the city in 325 Nanjing West Road. The history of the development of this institution is quite complex. Plans to build the SHM and the SRHM as two separate units started as early as in the 1950s, but it was only in the 1980s that they became more solid. The predecessor of the SHM, the Shanghai History Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall (Shanghai lishi wenwu chenlie guan, 上海历史文物陈列馆), was established in 1983; while the decision to build a SRHM became official in 2010. The two are now sharing the same premises and permanent exhibition. The collection contains 30,000 items, most of which pertain to the colonial history of the city. The permanent exhibition, which focuses on local history, which is divided between “Ancient Shanghai” (6000 BC–1839) and “Modern Shanghai” (1839–1949), takes a chronological approach to describe the history of the city from its prehistoric times until the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Besides, the SHM/SRHM actively hosts exhibitions on different history and art topics. The museum is also in charge of two archaeological units based in other locations in the Shanghai area: the Songze Historical Relics Museum and the Yuan Dynasty Water Gate Museum.