First Year: Theoretical and Methodological Entanglements in De/Colonial Europe

12 – 13 February 2019, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The aim of the event organised by the University of Amsterdam and the Aarhus University Teams is to present preliminary insights gained in the course research and to openly discuss the encountered challenges. As part of the program each team has prepared a paper (these can be found here) on how they are attempting to link post-colonial and de-colonial theories to their empirical research of entangled cityscapes, artistic practices in the city, museums and curatorial practices, and/or the EU’s policies.The goal is to gather extensive internal and external feedback on their specific ongoing research at this early stage of the project.

Another session will aim is to encourage a deeper thinking on the theoretical implications of the ECHOES project, and to explore concrete research practices that can further the project in the next two years. The goal of this is twofold: on the one hand, to discuss the creative engagements, conceptual implications and adaptations of the ECHOES vocabulary, and on the other hand, to explore past and current research design and strategies, share potential solutions, and discuss potential ways of imagining de-colonial practices that might lead to re-emergence and new pluriverse worlds.

Full event program can be found under this link.

A map of the event venues and Amsterdam points of interest can be found here.

Participants may also wish to consult these websites for general visitor information and public transport information.