Photography and Heritage Round Tables

18 November 2019, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The Postgraduate Program in History of the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro promotes, on November 18, 2019, in Rio de Janeiro, the fifth edition of the Round Tables on Photography and Heritage. The event was created in 2015 as a space for reflection of the intersections between photography and heritage. The first edition brought a debate about the multiple views on the practice of preserving IPHAN, with the presence of photographers and researchers involved in the subject of photography within the scope of IPHAN. The second edition, in 2016, addressed the transformations that occurred in the field of photography after the 1970s, and their impacts on the preservation of cultural heritage. In 2017, we discussed the theme “Democracy and Citizenship” and its dialogues between theory and practice of photography in the universe of heritage policies. In 2018, we focused the debate on the role of photography and heritage in the transformations of society.

Based on the discussions of previous years and the theme proposed in the last edition in 2018, the fifth edition of the Round Tables on Photography and Heritage brings the theme “heritage as right, photography as resistance”, from which we intend to discuss the inclusion of heritage in the political arenas and how photography has been appropriated in these contexts of resistance and struggles for social rights. Therefore, it seeks to face historical and theoretical issues, qualifying its importance in the present time, especially when photography and heritage are presented in an associated way.

Further details on the event (including the programme) are available here.