UPMS Workshop

07 July 2019, Coimbra (Portugal)

The ECHOES project WP4, together with the associations DJASS – Association of Afrodescendants, INMUNE – Black Women Institute in Portugal, IC – Gypsy Initiative, the MEMOIRS and COMBAT projects of the University of Coimbra, Center for Social Studies, organized a workshop of the Popular University of Social Movements (UPMS).

The UPMS is a horizontal platform, co-built and led by the people who participate in it, in a space of inter-knowledge and conviviality, sharing and strengthening inter-political struggles. UPMS workshops aim to foster dialogue between social movements among themselves and with the academia, strengthening the struggles for cognitive and social justice.

This workshop was dedicated to the reflection on Memory, Heritage, Colonialism and Anti-Racism, in the Mixed Space, in Lisbon.