Please find below a digital repository of ECHOES deliverables – papers, articles, peer-reviewed publications, books and other media produced by the Team. Click on the miniatures to view the files.


Museum of Warsaw Report #3: Visitor Studies

Małgorzata Głowacka-Grajper (University of Warsaw)









Shanghai History Museum / Shanghai Revolution Museum Report #3: Visitor Studies

Laura Pozzi (University of Warsaw)








Heritage Diplomacy – A Way Forward in for Colonial Heritage in Europe

Policy Brief








Dealing with Difficult Pasts at the Museum of Warsaw: Implications of Curatorial Memory Practices

Łukasz Bukowiecki (University of Warsaw)
Joanna Wawrzyniak (University of Warsaw)







Decolonizing Chinese Museums? An Analysis of the Shanghai History Museum / Shanghai Revolution Museum through Project ECHOES Modalities

Laura Pozzi (University of Warsaw)







Decolonizing the Amsterdam Museum: A Work-in-Progress to Becoming a More Inclusive City Museum

Csilla E. Ariese (University of Amsterdam)








Engaging and Disengaging with Colonial Pasts in City Museums

Csilla E. Ariese (University of Amsterdam)
Łukasz Bukowiecki (University of Warsaw)
Laura Pozzi (University of Warsaw)







Cultural Mapping, An ECHOES Work Package 4 Report

Astrid Nonbo Andersen (Aarhus University)
Brenda Coelho Fonseca (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Dr Claudino Ferreira (University of Coimbra)
Cristiano Gianolla (University of Coimbra)
Dr Giuseppina Raggi (University of Coimbra)
Dr Keila Grinberg (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Dr Leila Bianchi Aguiar (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Dr Lorena Sancho Querol (University of Coimbra)
Marcelle Oliveira Dutra Neder (University of Coimbra)
Dr Márcia Chuva (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Dr Paulo Peixoto (University of Coimbra)



Things of Warsaw and Things of the Past: Evolution and Priorities of the Museum of Warsaw

Łukasz Bukowiecki (University of Warsaw)








A City, its History, and its Museum(s): Making the Shanghai History Museum / Shanghai Revolution Museum

Laura Pozzi (University of Warsaw)







Amsterdam Museum(s): In Search of a History, an Identity, and a Future

Csilla E. Ariese (University of Amsterdam)








Methodological Toolkit

Casper Andersen (Aarhus University)
Britta Timm Knudsen (Aarhus University)
Christoffer Kølvraa (Aarhus University)

With input from ECHOES colleagues as listed in the Table of Contents.







What – and who – is ‘European’ in the Postcolonial eu? Inclusions and Exclusions in the European Parliament’s House of European History

Elizabeth Buettner (University of Amsterdam)








Affective Politics and Colonial Heritage, Rhodes Must Fall at UCT and Oxford

Britta Timm Knudsen (Aarhus University)
Casper Andersen (Aarhus University)








First Sub-report on Artists and Citizens

Marine Schütz (Rennes 2 University)
Elvan Zabunyan (Rennes 2 University)