CFPH Annual Conference

16-17 December 2019, Belfast (United Kingdom)

The Centre for Public History Annual Conference seeks to understand how empire is remembered, forgotten and imaginatively reconstructed in the twenty first century. It invites papers which explore the legacy of colonialism and how it is presented in schools, museums, and public heritage sites. The conference also seeks to understand how the legacy of anti-imperialism has been shaped and, potentially, abused by political elites.

The Centre for Public History Annual Conference 2019 will be on the theme of imperialism, anti-imperialism and their legacies in public history.

ECHOES Colleagues Laura Pozzi, Ɓukasz Bukowiecki and Csilla Ariese will be presenting a panel ‘Reframing Colonial Pasts in City Museums: a view from Amsterdam, Warsaw and Shanghai‘ and Colleague Alexandra Oanca co-hosting a panel ‘Historical preservation, memory and everyday practice: public histories of imperial pasts in contemporary Europe‘.

Full event programme can be found here.